Extending TIBCO Spotfire Analytics with EPAM Accelerators

Webinar Series


Over the upcoming three webinars, EPAM enterprise analytics experts will help you maximizing productivity of TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics development using two accelerators, BI Version Control and Dxp Documenter for TIBCO Spotfire.


You will learn about:

  • Scaling out your delivery teams
  • Automating release notes and change logs
  • Using smart back & restore for Spotfire dashboards and information links
  • Using emergency rollback to the right release at any time
  • Automating documentation of dashboards

Series Events

On-Demand Webinars

The EPAM BI Version Control accelerator focuses on transforming the TIBCO Spotfire® Platform into an enterprise-managed, version-controlled environment. It features seamless, native integration into TIBCO Spotfire and is compatible with industry-leading versioning and revision control systems, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, GIT, or SVN.

When collaboration is ideal, working in a team brings synergies, great brainstorming, and flourishing productivity. But teams can be held back if problems like data silos, poor versioning, and lack of consistency are not handled. EPAM’s BI Version Control helps BI developers unlock the true power of teamwork with features like version tracking, comparison, history, change log generation, and the

Ever got exhausted from the amount of wasted timed during report development, which led to slow progress with delivery? The risk of manual errors and long period of release cycles mean major risk for BI developers in terms of client satisfaction. EPAM’s DXP Documenter provides offline snapshots and exhaustive technical documentation to solve these challenges.