Explore TIBCO: Customer Webinar Series

The Explore TIBCO customer webinar series is designed to help customers use TIBCO solutions to solve business problems they didn’t think they could solve! We also aim to inspire innovation through some of our customers’ personal success stories and introduce a few key TIBCO executive powerhouses. Register for upcoming webinars or watch our previous episodes below. New episodes debut monthly!

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With an unwavering focus on the customer, Panera Bread is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience in its 2,300+ bakery-cafes, online ordering, and food delivery.

It’s no secret that technology is constantly changing. New products are released with new features that can help make your processes more efficient and deliver greater value to your customers. In this month’s customer webinar, we cover some of the major product updates for TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Cloud Integration, and TIBCO Spotfire software.

Product details discussed:

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.6/TIBCO BusinessWorks

Analytics and data science are foundational technologies for digital business innovation. Today’s innovative organizations use data as a real-time competitive advantage, extracting intelligence from it using analytics and data science and making systems and processes smart so the right decisions are made every time.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how analytics and data science capabilities from the TIBCO Augment

Digital businesses rely on data to drive compelling customer experiences, optimized business processes, and innovative products. But empowering your business with the trusted data it needs to compete is a huge challenge complicated by accelerating data demand and increasingly distributed data silos. With TIBCO Unify data infrastructure products, you can optimize your data value chain and easily access, govern, and

Becoming a digital business promises to vault you past your competitors and deliver more business value. But to do this, you must connect your disparate systems to streamline operational processes, provide more intelligence to employees, and deliver compelling experiences that delight your customers. TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform provides a unique set of market-leading capabilities that have helped thousands of customers

The exciting TIBCO LABS™ program is designed to allow TIBCO customers and partners to participate and collaborate in the development of digital business capabilities.

One of the TIBCO LABS projects is the Cloud Starter Toolkit. Using this toolkit, customers can leverage the capabilities from the TIBCO Cloud to quickly build applications for the toughest business problems. It toolkit combines best-in-class

Leading digital companies are achieving accelerated growth with optimized operations, connected digital products, data-driven intelligence, and compelling customer experiences—all faster than the competition. Digital businesses must embrace the nimble mindset and practices of innovative software companies that rely on a unified platform to connect the enterprise, uncover insights, and take advantage of the cloud. With the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence