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Forrester surveyed nearly 600 global decision-makers on their top cloud strategy objectives. They found that 27% are looking to migrate existing workloads into a private cloud and 24% seek to build net-new applications in cloud environments.*

We know that you’re on an individual journey to cloud, so we’ve gathered leading instructors in cloud methodology to help you sketch your own path, whether that is building a private cloud, deploying in a cloud-hosted environment, building low-code apps, connecting via cloud-hosted messaging, or other options.

Select one (or more) 10‒20 minute courses that fit your needs.

*Source: Forrester, Data Global Business Technographics Infrastructure Survey 2016

Series Events

On-Demand Webinars

Topics include:

  • Building 12-factor compliant cloud-native apps with native support for cloud-native tooling—config management, service discovery, and circuit breaker
  • Improving developer productivity by graphically choreographing APIs, microservices, and integrations
  • Continuously delivering apps leveraging DevOps tooling
  • Managing apps at scale in private, public or hybrid cloud by leveraging the native features of PaaS/CaaS

Attend this course to:

  • Learn how to leverage your existing design time environment while having the flexibility to deploy to the cloud (even if your needs or location change)
  • Understand when it makes sense to move one of your integration applications to the cloud
  • Hear the benefits of cloud deployment, as well as those unique for TIBCO’s iPaaS offering, TIBCO

Attend this session if:

  • You are leveraging a multi-cloud strategy, creating web-scale, cloud  applications, communicating with a large number of mobile or IoT devices, or just need a reliable messaging service without all the infrastructure headaches
  • You want to understand the best practices for using cloud-based messaging

Topics include:

  • Business and technical considerations of moving to the cloud
  • Industrialization versus re-architecting 
  • Utilizing cloud platform features for competitive advantage
  • Vertical versus horizontal cloud migration