The Algorithmic Insurer

Webinar Series

This is a webinar series you just cannot miss. In part 1 of our series TIBCO executives and industry experts discuss The Algorithmic Insurer concept, while in part 2, “Dynamic Pricing – How AA Ireland Transformed into An Algorithmic Insurer”, we will have a representative from AA Ireland to discuss how their digital transformation journey led to an agile and profitable business by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a simple software solution from TIBCO.

The Algorithmic Insurer

Oct 19

10:00AM BST / 11:00AM CEST

With new technologies, business models, and competitors entering the insurance industry at an increasing rate, to attract and retain the most valuable customers, you must innovate and accelerate decisions and operations. Instead of canned “black box” applications that are difficult and costly to change, why not build your valuable IP into advanced algorithms that can be deployed on a real-time configurable platform?

Hear from TIBCO executives and industry experts how to:

In the second webinar of our Algorithmic Insurance series, you will learn how AA Ireland adopted TIBCO’s Connected Intelligence platform for dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and customer engagement. We will interview AA Ireland Senior Quantitative Analyst Nina Jensen to learn about the company’s digital transformation into a more agile and profitable business and its simple software solution for implementation of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.