The Algorithmic Financial Services

The path to best-in-class algorithmic leadership

Business excellence in Financial Services requires a new approach. Using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, pull out in front of competition by using algorithms. TIBCO can show you how to overcome the challenges with our integrated platform to build and optimize your core processes, through deep learning techniques applied to your unique business requirements.

This series of webinars blend the points of view of business strategists, analytic leaders and technologists – all of whom will gain an appreciation for the desired goal of best-in-class algorithmic leadership.

Series Events

On-Demand Webinars

Depth and complexity of regional and global banks places an even higher level of urgency on algorithmic enablement than on other financial institutions. Join TIBCO’s strategy leaders David Rosen and Shawn Rogers for a discussion of the latest trends and capabilities required for financial services leadership.

Financial services companies created competitive advantage and significant rewards as early adopters of analytics and major employers of data scientists. But today, their dependence on data science teams threatens analytic growth and increases risk. New GDPR legislation stretches these resources to the limit, while innovation requires scaling analytics to keep pace with model management, collaboration, and open source technologies.  

In this webinar, part 2 in our Algorithmic Insurance series, you will learn how insurance customer AA Ireland adopted TIBCO's Connected Intelligence platform for dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and customer engagement. We will interview Nina Jensen, senior quantitative analyst, to understand her company’s digital transformation into a more agile and profitable business through implementation of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine

With new technologies, business models, and competitors entering the insurance industry at an increasing rate, to attract and retain the most valuable customers, you must innovate and accelerate decisions and operations. Instead of canned “black box” applications that are difficult and costly to change, why not build your valuable IP into advanced algorithms that can be deployed on a real-time