Secure A Safe Reopening With TIBCO GatherSmart

Live Webinar


Safely reopening workplaces after the COVID-19 stay-at-home phase is a challenge for any business.

The problem is an information gap:

  • Who is infectious?
  • Who may have been exposed?
  • Who is safe to come to work?
  • What are the current infection rates near each work locations?

The TIBCO GatherSmart™ employee mobile app and control center securely surveys employees and visitors, providing a data-driven view of an individual’s readiness to return to work by factoring in regional context. The solution helps dynamically manage personnel and policy, putting you in control of any situation.

As a TIBCO4Good initiative, the easy-to-deploy GatherSmart™ solution for bridging your information gap is being offered at-cost, meaning what it costs TIBCO to run the solution on your behalf.

Join TIBCO experts in this webinar to learn more about how the GatherSmart solution:

  • Allows employees to feel confident and safe coming back to work
  • Provides management the controls to oversee all operations, supporting faster, smarter reopening decisions
  • Ensures productivity and safety by eliminating outbreaks leading to location closures.


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