Predict with Operational Insight


Project Discover™ resources help you discover, learn, improve, and predict process behaviors by using process mining techniques on log data.

The project’s resources include a business-friendly web application that business analysts can use to apply AI/ML analytics/process mining models against operational system log data, view process variants, and easily share the results.

Webinar agenda:

  • TIBCO LABS Project Discover presentation & demo (10 min.)
    • From live application data, discover what’s actually happening in your business processes
    • Analyze processes to find the cause of inefficiencies.
    • Check planned vs. actual performance so countermeasures can be taken where necessary to make the largest impact.
    • Use learnings to build predictive analytics models that can be applied to improve identification of issues.
  • Live Q & A (5 min)


Manuel Carlos Rodríguez

Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO
TIBCO Software Inc.

Florent Cenedese

Solutions Architect, Office of the CTO
TIBCO Software Inc.

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