Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours:

New query language for Domain-based Reports: jasperQL. Aggregations, sorting and much more!


Join us to know more about this new cool feature : jasperQL ! Since version 7.8 JasperReport Server introduces a JSON-based query language for defining queries used to access data through a Domain for your Studio reports. jasperQL provides more options to aggregate and sort data in Domain-based reports created in Studio.

What is Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours?

Hosted by TIBCO integration and customer success experts, Dr. Jaspersoft Office Hours is a program from TIBCO aimed at helping new and advanced users. The feature sessions are monthly 30-minute live webinars to help users with extended topics, and unique analytics challenges.

Attendees are invited to participate in a live Q&A on the session’s topic, or for questions outside of the feature topic, pose questions directly in the TIBCO Community “Answers” section and tag with #DrJaspersoft.

All feature sessions are published to the TIBCO Jaspersoft YouTube Channel. Subscribe to it and stay updated with new content!


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