Dr. Integration Office Hours:

New features in TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Flogo


Join this session to learn about the new features in Flogo. Learn about: how to send files using the new multipart/form-data type in the ReceiveHTTP Message activity; the Execute JavaScript activity; moving branches within a flow; and custom tags. We'll also take a look at the improved samples in github to help you get started.

What is Dr. Integration Office Hours?

Dr. Integration is an interactive presentation for helping new and advanced practitioners of integration and messaging. It’s hosted by experts from the TIBCO Integration and Customer Success teams, including architects of the TIBCO Integration platform. The program consists of:

  • Office Hours: Monthly 30-minute live webinars to help everyone navigate best practices and technologies.
    • Info Gain: A tidbit of useful information for everyday integration based on the most popular questions submitted to the TIBCO Community for Integration.
    • Feature Sessions: The main presentation, featuring extended topics and unique challenges in integration and messaging.

How to get your questions answered?

  1. Tweet your question with the hashtag, #DrIntegration.
  2. Post your question to TIBCO Community “Answers” section with the hashtag, #DrIntegration.


Registration Closed

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