Creating Contextual and Real-time Applications with TIBCO Cloud Starter Toolkit 2.0


Over 65% of customers say, that to provide good online service, ensuring that their time is valued is the most important thing a company can do. Have you considered what that means for your organization when developing web applications? 

The TIBCO Cloud™ Starters toolkit allows you to quickly and easily build applications using the many capabilities of the TIBCO Cloud™ environment. Begin with one of the many templates, modify as needed, and even include custom UX code to quickly build, deploy, and scale complete business solutions. 

This session will dive into the tools available for UI developers for including contextual help and rapidly composing applications and making them more user friendly. Hosted on the TIBCO Cloud platform, the toolkit helps deliver highly customized solutions that meet specific use cases for various verticals.

Please join this session to learn how to:

  • Use new TIBCO Cloud Starter Toolkit features to create contextual help within your application.
  • Create contextual help that improves your user's experience and increases their productivity.
  • Configure contextual help using simple JSON and HTML files that make creating and updating help content fast and easy.


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