Call Center Automation: Serve More Customers in Less Time

Apr 21

  • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EDT


Major telecom firm reduces call center costs by $216M with TIBCO automation platform

Automation has helped telecom companies improve their net promoter scores (NPS) and reduce customer churn and the number and length of contact center calls.  

One leading telecom firm used TIBCO’s real-time automation platform to make call-backs when volume was low, thereby decreasing incoming calls, resulting in reduced costs of $120M annually

By streamlining call center operations, agents can now process 5,400 unique users per day, a 38% increase, resulting in greater call center efficiency and increased NPS. 

Hear from TIBCO’s John Fisher on how investing in TIBCO can enable consistent, uninterrupted customer operations that lead directly to reduced churn, improved Net Promoter Score, and longer customer subscription terms.


John Fisher

John Fisher

Telecom, SME
TIBCO Software

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