BusinessWorks Container Edition Bi-Weekly Live Demos

A container solution to suit your needs.


Containers offer a simple, lightweight, and portable way to package and deploy applications across various systems or cloud environments, significantly enhancing developer productivity. TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition is designed to quickly and easily build applications that integrate numerous backend services or APIs and deploy them natively within the container or PaaS of your choice, further speeding developer productivity.

See firsthand how TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition can help your business rapidly adapt to changes, both within applications themselves as well as the underlying infrastructure. Join us for an hour and have your questions ready: we’ll help you simplify integration of backend APIs and systems, embrace native features of your container management platforms, and decrease your time to market.


  • Provide a general product overview of TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition
  • Showcase the broad capabilities of our containerization offering, including simple integration of backend APIs and systems, the ability to flexibly move between cloud environments without rewriting applications, and more
  • Demonstrate the user experience from an end-user perspective
  • Conduct a Q & A session

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