Blockchain to the Supply Chain Rescue

TIBCO Software Inc.

281 Summer St,
Boston,, MA 02210
United States


Blockchain, the tech underneath the exploding cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is turning the supply chain world upside down – in a good way! Blockchain is shaping up to be the answer to many supply chain problems, like lack of trust, transparency, and traceability. Want to know how you can take advantage of this emerging technology and become a digital supply chain leader?

Join this session to learn how blockchain is transforming the supply chain world, the pros and cons of creating your own global supply chain blockchain, and solution offerings to make blockchain a reality for you. The session will discuss all of the benefits, challenges, and requirements of integrating into global blockchain with a live demo demonstrating a real-world example.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits of blockchain in the supply chain world
  • Better tracking
  • Tamper proof system
  • Minimize courier costs
  • Improve inventory management
  • Enhanced transparency
  • Public versus permissioned blockchains
  • How to integrate into a permissioned supply chain blockchain
  • Benefits
  • Requirements
  • Challenges
  • How TIBCO can help you integrate into a permissioned supply chain blockchain

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