Blockchain: Powering Next-generation Digital Twins Meetup


As businesses around the world digitally transform—and your company tries to stay relevant while balancing sustainability and social responsibility—effective, efficient, and secure operations are critical. To achieve the level of agility needed to succeed in an increasingly connected world, many organizations are building “digital twins” – digital representations of devices and equipment, but also of business processes, people, and even the organization itself.

But what do these digital twins look like?

What capabilities are required for a successful digital twin?

And how can blockchain play a role in enriching their implementation across complex distributed systems?

Join this session to discuss these questions, and to hear how blockchain, in conjunction with smart contracts, can drive the next generation of digital twin applications.

Date: Thurs 22nd July, 11:30am–12:30pm PDT / 2:30-3:30pm EDT

This will be a 20 minute live session with a 10 minute live Q & A.


Registration Closed

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