Blockchain & Blackjack?

UNLV International Gaming Institute (Stan Fulton Building)

4505 South Maryland Parkway,
Vegas, NV 89154
United States


Like many industries, Gaming and Casinos are going through a rapid digital transformation. The need to innovate, improve the customer experience, expand streams of revenue, and grow in the online world is driving entertainment and leisure providers to investigate how technology can be used to help.

One technology, blockchain, is under review. It’s the core foundation behind platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Putting the crytocurrency aspect of these platforms aside, blockchain’s ability to bring trust and transparency to a business network, along with the use of smart contracts to automate business logic, can provide the gaming and casino industry with an opportunity to develop solutions in a number of areas. Join us as we discuss:

  • Customer Experience & Loyalty
  • eSports
  • Ecosystem / Network of Experience Providers
  • Online / Cryptocurrency-based Gambling

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