API-lead Workshop with TIBCO Cloud Software as a Service

281 Summer St
Boston, MA 02210


Starting with an API specification, we will implement the spec as a microservice and take the process all the way through to deployment and management of the API. Then we will walk you through how to integrate an order system so that by the end of this workshop, you will have a completed order system in CosmosDB running on Microsoft Azure, and a TIBCO Certificate of Completion! 

Don’t delay, reserve your spot today. (Seating is limited).

The workshop includes:

  1. Creating an API specification.

  2. Setting up a mock application to allow development of mobile and web-based applications.

  3. Creating an application to consume four exposed microservices.

  4. Exposing the final API for consumption.


5:30–5:45pm: Registration 

5:45–6:30pm: Create API specification & set up a mock application  

6:30–7:00pm: Consume microservices and expose the final API 

7:00–7:30pm: Q&A Happy Hour

Registration Closed

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