Analytics in 2021: Move from Insight to Predictions and Real-time Action

Dec 10

  • 10:30 GMT/11:30 CET

  • 11 am PT

  • 11am SGT/2:00pm AEDT


Too many organizations have gone from drowning in data to drowning in dashboards and data visualizations. The next generation of analytics must go beyond self service to deliver alerts, predictions, and actionable insights for day-to-day decisions. What's more, today's fast-changing business climate demands real-time visibility and up-to-the-minute recommendations. 

In this webinar, Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research and Brett Stupakevich, Product Marketing Manager at TIBCO, will discuss a growing convergence of cutting-edge capabilities, including

  • Real-time data and analysis capabilities that offer an edge over rear-view mirror reports and dashboards
  • End-to-end self-service that brings everything from data prep to prediction to a broader base of users
  • Automation and expanded intelligence for the knowledge worker, smarter systems surfacing real-time insights through rapid learning and decision loops 
  • Embedded analytics approaches that deliver insights in the context of work 


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