Damos forma al futuro del comercio minorista con datos

TIBCO proporciona las herramientas y prestaciones necesarias para transformar su forma de competir, de comprometerse y de proporcionar servicios y experiencias atractivos para el comercio minorista. Con TIBCO, puede desbloquear el potencial de sus datos, diferenciarse y crear valor.


Desde los datos en tiempo real para proporcionar ofertas contextualizadas y operaciones de la cadena de suministro optimizadas — hasta la capacidad de integrar cualquier cosa, conectar varios silos de datos y proporcionar una auténtica visión de 360 grados de su cliente y su negocio — TIBCO Connected Intelligence le permite crear experiencias sofisticadas y conectadas a través de cualquier canal, mejorar la agilidad del negocio y tomar decisiones más rápidas e inteligentes.

The Digital Retailer

The Digital Retailer explainer video
The Digital Retailer

This four-minute whiteboard video examines the key drivers of success for the modern retailer.

Connected Intelligence

For Retail

  • Contextualized Experiences
  • Unified Customer 360
  • Reimagined Supply Chains
  • Modernized Application Architecture
Contextualized Experiences
Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers want their shopping experience to be personalized. So provide seamless connectivity across channels and make real-time contextual and personalized offers. It requires a data-centric approach with the customer at the center of processes, allowing identification of next best actions and highly personalized interactions.

TIBCO NOW 2020 Lighthouse Awards: Customer Intimacy - Panera Bread
TN2020 Lighthouse Award: Customer Intimacy - Panera
Enhanced Customer Intelligence

For an accurate and consistent 360-degree view of your customers, ensure the ability to unlock the power of any data: customers, products, suppliers, assets, locations, inventory, and more. Only with a trusted, multi-domain view of your business and customers can you provide a truly distinctive and engaging retail experience.

Eliminate Costly Disruptions

Supply chain resilience and optimization are more important than ever, enabling you to ride out volatility and uncertainty. You need a fully transparent and connected supply chain with the ability to track planned vs. actual, detect deviations, calculate impact on dependent tasks, and visualize in real time. You need TIBCO.

Campari Group Drinks to Success with a Centralized Data Hub
Improved Business Agility

Modern retailers build agility and innovation into their operational foundation. By connecting any source of data, every device, and every application—and leveraging modern cloud-native architectures—you can build rich, connected experiences across any channel and greatly accelerate the time to bring new capabilities to market.

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