Environmental, Social & Governance at TIBCO

At TIBCO, we believe that leading in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to our core values and our ability to grow our business while driving innovation and community.  This commitment to ESG is critical to achieving sustainability and equality at a corporate, cultural and policy level, and to fulfilling our responsibility to all our stakeholders.

In support of this commitment, we have a robust ESG framework across many disciplines.  This includes (i) taking steps to ensure that our actions have a positive effect on the environment and future sustainability while driving cost efficiencies, (ii) our investment in a diverse team member and supplier pool,  and (iii) promoting honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in all of our business practices.   

Our ESG efforts are governed by our ESG Leadership Council.  This committee includes members of our Board of Directors, our CEO, members of our executive leadership team, and managers across multiple functions.  

Below are our ESG priorities and activities, and we encourage all of our stakeholders to engage in this effort with us.  We will regularly review and update our ESG policy to ensure that it evolves and grows with our company, and we will follow changes in industry best practices and regulations.

Committing to sustainability by tracking our energy efficiency and reducing our emissions

TIBCO understands the challenges facing our environment and supports initiatives that help reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthy environment.  We strive for a better future as we reduce our carbon footprint in our operations and through the efforts of our global customers. To make ongoing progress along this path, we have targeted net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to cut our emissions in half by 2030.  

We will accomplish this in the following ways: 

  • tracking greenhouse gas emissions relative to a 2019 baseline, 
  • occupying green certified buildings, and
  • aligning our facilities needs to our dynamic global team’s needs for productive office space. 

We also celebrate our customers who use our software to manage data and information to better support environmental protection, restoration, and conservation and to deliver greater energy efficiency in their transportation, logistics, maintenance, and manufacturing operations. Some of our customers accomplishing this include: Scottish EPA, Vestas, Vlaamse Overheid, SEMARNAT, Essent, Ontario Power Generation, Hemlock Semiconductor, and Waste Management.

Actively building a merit-based workplace through DEI efforts so that each team member feels encouraged and empowered to grow and excel authentically within the organization 

 At TIBCO, pursuing diversity, equity and inclusion is an important component of who we are.  As part of our culture, we seek to attract talented individuals who hold unique beliefs, orientations and perspectives.

Attracting the best talent and developing a truly diverse and inclusive organization at all levels requires us to invest in our employees along all phases of their growth with TIBCO.  This starts with including best practices in our recruitment process to ensure we are drawing from a large and diverse candidate pool.  To aid team member growth within TIBCO for everyone, we encourage development and engagement with our multiple Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), leadership development, and retention initiatives.

We support this initiative in the following ways: actively recruiting among under-represented populations, promoting Employee Resource Groups, conducting regular programs, and inviting guest speakers to generate awareness and allyship across our global team.

Making a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work

TIBCO promotes social development in and around the communities we serve, starting with the health and welfare of our global team members. Through a range of programs and tools designed to enhance team members’ well-being, we are committed to encouraging and enabling them to take an active role in giving their time and talent by volunteering in person and through a variety of online opportunities, as well as giving their support and resources by participating in our TIBCO Cares gift matching program. 

We also operate TIBCO4Good(TM), a program designed to solve meaningful human challenges through the application of our software and technology. These in-kind products and services support organizations in the following categories: (i) Education and Technology; (ii) Health and Human Services; and (iii) Civic, Community and Arts.

Protecting the privacy and security of confidential consumer and corporate information throughout our operations

TIBCO is committed to protecting our users’ privacy.  We are transparent in how we use the information that we gather from customers, partners and suppliers; and we believe it is important for our stakeholders to understand how we will use and protect personal information.  We employ industry-recognized information technology to protect the security of the information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.  Further, all of the user data we collect is protected against unauthorized access by physical security means.

Our privacy and security protections include compliance with ISO certifications and a robust GDPR compliance framework.

Conducting the business of TIBCO in an ethical manner and in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance

TIBCO believes a culture of honesty, integrity, fairness and respect is paramount to being a successful corporation, and we promote these attributes in all of our business practices.  We have robust policies and procedures in place to guard against illegal practices.  These include commitments to combat fraud and have adequate corporate controls in place, a worldwide anti-bribery policy, procedures for our employees to file complaints for accounting matters, and a whistleblower policy to safeguard against retaliation.  Our commitment to exacting standards of governance leads to transparency, accountability and security within our company and for our customers.

Advancing our ESG framework to provide our customers, partners, and suppliers with clear, transparent information regarding our ESG program and initiatives

We believe that creating a robust ESG framework will enhance our ability to gain new customers and retain existing customers.  We expect the continued implementation of this Policy to lead to top-line growth, cost reductions, reduced risk of regulatory impediments, and better employee engagement and morale….all while helping to make our world a better place today and for future generations.


Additional Information

  • TIBCO4Good
  • Awarded “Tech Cares” from TrustRadius, October 2021
  • Awarded “Great Place to Work,” US, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 through August 2022 
  • For more information on our ESG Policy, please feel free to contact ESG@tibco.com