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Over the last three years, we've increased the number and the velocity of changes by about 30% per month, and at the same time, we've decreased the number of customer-impacting security and regulatory incidents by about 30%.

— Dan Chesterman / CIO

Whether you’re looking at the fleet early in the morning to see how we’re doing in startup, or checking if any challenges are arising—delays, cancellations, or diversions—tracking across the entire network is really something we’ve only been able to do through Spotfire.

— Andi Azzolina / Director of Shared Development Services

With TIBCO, we're connecting data in ways we never could before, which helps us better manage maintenance and plan improvements. We are able to confirm where we are doing things most efficiently and track our performance, which is a key enabler to being able to improve.

— Kevin Britton / Program Manager, Hemlock Semiconductor Operations

When we presented the data we can provide, senior management said, 'Hey, this is a good thing.' That’s how we impacted the culture, because people at a higher level said 'Let's use this technology, let's extend it, use it for external systems, so we can all communicate and be happy.

— Jim Matheson / Principal Software Engineer

EBX software is helping Panera Bread increase revenue by allowing flexibility of our menu, so when the business comes up with a great menu idea, we can say, yes, instead of saying no.

— Noel Nitecki / Director of Enterprise Services

In real time, we can alert our rapid response team to go to the bedside of a patient who is at a high risk of going into cardiac arrest. We have successfully reduced the number of cardiac arrests in the hospital by an estimated 15 to 20 percent. The system went live at 7:00 a.m., and by 10:00 a.m. that day, doctors had prevented the first cardiac arrest.

— Shariq Ata / executive director, data analytics, architecture, integration, and innovation

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