In-Memory Computing: Key for Digital Business

Performance, scalability, and reliability for accessing and processing big data at digital business speed.

In-memory computing with TIBCO ActiveSpaces® provides a distributed, scale-out, in-memory data grid, delivering a consistent, fault-tolerant database that supports scalability for mixed read/write workloads and full System of Record capabilities. ActiveSpaces draws on available server memory but also stores to local disk for data safety and for scaling to handle processing of the largest data volumes.


Delight customers and make better decisions

With ActiveSpaces, contextual, reference, and operational data normally housed in back-end applications can be stored in-memory for lightning fast performance that leads to delighting customers and beating the other guys. Any data store anywhere can now be included in real-time processing and decision-making.

Cost effectively use your big data

ActiveSpaces is built to handle large data volumes. You can dynamically add or drop nodes without requiring a system restart. Persistence is distributed across multiple commodity servers—and it's often possible to remove the database and associated failure points from traditional implementations and reduce reliance on costly transactional systems. You're left with a highly scalable, high-availability powerhouse that is a fraction of the cost of other methods.

Simplify real-time data access

Get on with the important stuff NOW

Instead of costly and time-consuming attempts (server reconfiguration, network and database tuning, architecture redesign), you can just get on with the important business of transforming to digital business capabilities. It’s a far faster, more straight-forward, more future-proof digital business solution. ActiveSpaces is key to the business of digital business.  A proprietary, state-of-the-art hashing algorithm ensures a single network hop for fetching data for identifying patterns in the big data, coding those patterns into rules, and automating real-time execution of those rules against new data and opportunities.

Experiment and innovate simply, easily

Available as a Community Edition offering free development, test, and limited production use, ActiveSpaces gives you the chance to experiment and innovate without having to make upfront investments.

What's New

Introducing TIBCO ActiveSpaces Community Edition, a free version of ActiveSpaces for development test and initial production use.

  • Zero cost for development and entry-level production
  • Registration-free access to software
  • Strong community support for initial/small users