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The enterprise collaboration platform with 360-degree view of people, discussions, tasks, and content via mobile, web and apps.

Far more than just a linear stream of messages, tibbr is the workspace for an evolving workforce. It connects content, context, and collective intelligence to all your channels so work happens faster — from anywhere. No wonder over six million people in more than 100 countries use tibbr every day.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM

Koordinieren Sie Prozesse, Mitarbeiter, Kontext und Handlungen für bessere Geschäftsergebnisse.

ActiveMatrix BPM von TIBCO gehört zu den besten Plattformen für Business-Process-Management. Sie ermöglicht wertvolle Erkenntnisse und Maßnahmen, indem sie die richtigen Daten zur richtigen Zeit der richtigen Person in einem benutzerfreundlichen Format präsentiert. Auf diese Weise können Unternehmen bessere Entscheidungen treffen, schneller und intelligenter handeln und so die digitale Transformation vorantreiben. Wir stellen Lösungen bereit, die Ihr Unternehmen wirklich transformieren und nicht nur automatisieren.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces®

Performance, scalability, and reliability for accessing and processing big data at digital business speed.

In-memory computing with TIBCO ActiveSpaces® provides a distributed, scale-out, in-memory data grid, delivering a consistent, fault-tolerant database that supports scalability for mixed read/write workloads and full System of Record capabilities. ActiveSpaces draws on available server memory but also stores to local disk for data safety and for scaling to handle processing of the largest data volumes.

TIBCO BusinessConnect™

Use TIBCO BusinessConnect™ to streamline your supply chain and increase productivity.

No company is an island. You need your partners to help you get things done and achieve your goals: provide supplies and finished goods or process transactions. TIBCO BusinessConnect™ helps companies connect and share data to make cross-company business processes run smoothly.

TIBCO BusinessEvents®

Beeinflussen Sie das Ergebnis entscheidender Geschäftssituationen

In der digitalen Welt von heute interagieren Milliarden Personen, Systeme und Geräte in Echtzeit miteinander. Daraus können sich neue, nie da gewesene Wettbewerbsvorteile ergeben. Doch wie können Sie sich diese zunutze machen? Ganz einfach: Indem Sie verteilte, zustandsbezogene und regelbasierte Systeme für die Ereignisverarbeitung implementieren, damit experimentieren, lernen und sich schnell weiterentwickeln.

TIBCO BusinessWorks™

Mit der Integrationsplattform TIBCO BusinessWorks haben Sie die volle Kontrolle.

Sie möchten all die Anwendungen und Datenquellen, die Ihr Geschäft tagtäglich am Laufen halten, nahtlos miteinander verbinden? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig: TIBCO BusinessWorks™ ermöglicht Ihnen als Unternehmen eine überragende Flexibilität und Effizienz. Wir bieten Ihnen eine solide Grundlage, mit der Sie bestens für die Zukunft gerüstet sind.

TIBCO Cloud™ AuditSafe

Easily add cloud audit trails, secured with blockchain, for any application

New development approaches using techniques such as microservices across hybrid environments adds complexity and many challenges—including the need for secure and consolidated transaction audit trails. Solve this problem with TIBCO Cloud™ AuditSafe, which lets you easily write to an immutable, searchable, cloud-based ledger from all your cloud and on-premises applications.

TIBCO Cloud™ Events

Reduce decision latency and act in real time

It is the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now more than ever you need to identify opportunities and threats in data generated by billions of devices, systems, and people. TIBCO Cloud™ Events is a cloud-native solution for improving business outcomes by detecting key events and moving automated decision-making closer to the edge.

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

Keep every part of your business connected

With demands for broader connectivity and hybrid deployment models, integration is changing to become more pervasive. TIBCO Cloud™ Integration offers capabilities matching users of various skill levels, so you can quickly connect cloud apps, build hybrid integration flows across on-premises systems, and develop microservices and IoT edge applications. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop and API-led design approach, and a deploy-anywhere model, our enterprise iPaaS can get your apps connected more quickly and easily than ever before.

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps

Erstellen Sie intelligente Apps in wenigen Minuten. Dazu sind nur fünf Fragen nötig!

Today more than ever, digital businesses need speed to find and capitalize on new opportunities. Fuel innovation by empowering your staff to turn ideas into enterprise-grade apps in minutes and on their own. TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps is a low-code application platform that empowers citizen developers to build fully functional and smart applications in mere minutes.

TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®

Full lifecycle API Management SaaS solution for internal APIs, B2B APIs, and public API programs.

Mashery® is an API platform that delivers key API management capabilities needed for successful digital transformation initiatives. Its full range of capabilities includes API creation, packaging, testing, and management of your APIs and community of users. API security is provided via an embedded or optional on-premise API gateway.

TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging

Create Stickier Apps with Real-time Data Streams

High performing web and mobile apps require real-time exchange of information―exactly what TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides. Securely and reliably enable bi-directional data exchange among WebSocket-supported mobile and web apps, IoT devices, and backend systems. A robust yet simple client API and cloud distribution network makes TIBCO Cloud Messaging the easiest way to connect any device.

TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus®

Nobody knows your business better than you.

For your business to grow and transform, you need the ability to communicate clearly how to get things done… right. The best way to do this is through mapping your business processes and operations. This doesn’t apply to just big corporations with enormous consulting budgets; it is true for companies of all shapes and sizes. TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® makes it easy enough that you can do it yourself.

TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science

Collaborate, Scale, and Simplify Data Science

Accelerate ROI from your data science initiatives with a collaborative analytic workflow builder that lets you transform data into insight within Hadoop and other big data environments. Unlock your data’s hidden potential and increase the value of your big data infrastructure.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Less complexity and cost, faster access to analytic data.

An enterprise data virtualization solution that orchestrates access to multiple and varied data sources and delivers the data sets and IT-curated data services foundation for nearly any analytics solution.