A Free Evaluation of Integration Development Approaches

Compares MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, and TIBCO

Noted development expert Frank Cohen, founder at Appvance, has recently released the fourth iteration of the PushToTest Integration Knowledge Kit. This free open-source vendor evaluation guide compares MuleSoft, Red Hat, Spring Boot, TIBCO, and others.

The Kit examines developer productivity and software usability for building distributed applications, integrating various components, and deploying within new architectural patterns such as cloud, microservices, serverless, and AWS Lambda.

How to best use this kit:

  1. See how each platform performs for your particular use case.
  2. Check out the developer journals to compare step-by-step approaches for implementing each vendor solution, plus mistakes (and solutions) learned.
  3. Leverage the total cost of ownership (TCO) model to help build your business case when requesting budget.


This free Kit includes:

  • Exec summary
  • In-depth overview
  • TCO model
  • Developer journals
  • Full source code
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