Data Fabric

Provide the agile data infrastructure that unifies your data.

Connect your data sources consistently, intelligently, and securely to deliver trusted enterprise information for all consumers. With TIBCO’s data fabric solution, you can hide your data silo complexity and provide business-friendly data whenever and wherever you need it. Our agile and flexible data infrastructure solution lets you can start small and expand to enterprise scale as your needs change.


Empower everyone

Reduce your data bottleneck by making all your distributed data sources easier to access and use. You can supply each user with instant access to the data they need and empower the entire organization with analytics and execution that improves business outcomes.

Empower everyone

Stellen Sie komplexe Daten einfach dar

Transform data structures into business-friendly formats that conform to your enterprise data model. Integrate master data, reference data, and more, to ensure data consistency throughout your organization

Stellen Sie komplexe Daten einfach dar
Deliver value quickly and save

Deliver value quickly and save

Respond faster to urgent data requirements with less data engineering effort and lower infrastructure costs. Build on your success to deliver data from all your sources to all your users via a modern, scalable data architecture.

Analyze more data, faster than ever

Support your most challenging analytics workloads with greater speed and processing power. Mix and match data streams and data-at-rest to get the complete picture.

Analyze more data, faster than ever
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TIBCO ComputeDB™

The TIBCO ComputeDB™ in-memory optimized analytics database, based on Apache Spark™ and Apache Geode™ (open-source version of GemFire™), delivers high throughput, low latency, and high...

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TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Eine Enterprise-Lösung für Datenvirtualisierung, die den Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Datenquellen orchestriert und Datensätze sowie von der IT kuratierte Datendienste als Grundlage für...

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TIBCO® Graph Database

To unveil the true value of constantly evolving business data, you need to understand the relationships in data in a much more profound way. Unlike...

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