Data Virtualization

Access, combine, and provision all your enterprise data

Organizations have data in silos spread across traditional data warehouses, enterprise applications, big data lakes, operational data stores, the cloud, and more, creating challenges for business teams.

Data virtualization breaks down data silos delivering one place to access, combine, and provision all your data. Business-friendly data views simplify access and hide IT complexity. Agile data engineering speeds time-to-solution, reduces costs, and delivers the most up-to-date and complete information to your business.

Use Cases
Empower everyone

Virtual Data Layer

Create a virtual data layer with semantic consistency by combining your diverse, distributed data sources, on-premises or in the cloud.

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Simplify the complex

Logical Data Warehouse

Turn diversity into opportunity by deploying a common analytic data management architecture across diverse data types, technologies, users, and use cases.

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Deliver value quickly and save


Create an enterprise-grade data foundation that facilitates cross-silo data integration, allows ingestion from external data providers, hides complexity, and supports API security, manageability, and governance.

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