Western Digital

Spotfire Software at Western Digital's Wafer Factories

Over the last eight years, TIBCO Spotfire® analytics has become the standard platform used by Western Digital engineering and operations to view and analyze manufacturing operational data. At wafer factories in Silicon Valley, the use of Spotfire® software as the data analytics and visualization standard for factory operations has grown considerably.

In this first on-demand webinar, Ahmer Srivistava from Western Digital shares how the use of Spotfire analytics has transformed high-tech component manufacturing to meet growing demand.

This second on-demand webinar looks at Western Digital's integration architecture, data infrastructure, user groups, and business processes over three time periods and showcases solutions that made it possible to significantly increase efficiencies. Use cases cover the purpose, implementation, benefits, and differences with and without Spotfire software of yield analytics, metrology, sensor data, and operational metrics.

Western Digital

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