Spanish Financial Services Leader

Spanish Financial Services Leader Improves Customer Experience with Entelgy and TIBCO

Organizations are increasing their competitiveness and improving decision-making processes using their data and advanced analytical tools. These capabilities are critical in the financial services industry where disruptors like fintechs, new entrants, and growing customer needs are making for a rocky playing field. One Spanish financial services company headquartered in Madrid sought to improve its customer experience—and turned to TIBCO partner Entelgy.

Working Better Together

A leading consultancy firm in data and analytics, Entelgy worked with the financial institution to implement a data integration and analytics project using the TIBCO Spotfire data discovery solution. According to Román Sanz, head of data and analytics at Entelgy, “Our client was looking to unify the customer view and have the single source of truth for their sales and marketing purposes.”

TIBCO Spotfire software was identified by Entelgy as the best analytics solution for providing 360-degree customer insights, reducing development time, increasing data value, and providing an editable user interface for custom branding. The solution ultimately is used by the large bank to optimize the data lifecycle, improve omnichannel customer experience, and target customers for personalized offers. Some of the bank’s key use cases include:

Projects for CRM

  • Determine best selling path
  • Invoke notification tracking
  • Analyze account campaign responses
  • Internal footprint tracking (the bank’s app, website, and other digital channels)
  • External footprint tracking (digital ads in third party web apps)

Projects for Digital Marketing

  • Audience analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Systems alerts
  • Comparative analysis of the use of digital channels

With Spotfire software, the bank integrated and processed multiple heterogeneous data sources to achieve a better digital view of customers. By natively integrating with languages such as Python and R, the team reduced development time and created web solutions with data persistence within the Spotfire platform. With the bank’s own branding on the Spotfire web UI, users have an optimal experience. Most importantly, employees can extract more value from the bank’s data by collecting, cleansing, and consolidating customers’ full digital footprint.

This financial institution relied on Entelgy for knowledge of the technology ecosystem, including web analytics tools, digital marketing campaign data management, commercial action management, and customer communication channels.

Additionally, the Entelgy team had certified scrum masters and product owner professionals who collaborated on the solution to guarantee success using the bank’s methodologies.

As a result of partnering with Entelgy and deploying TIBCO analytics technologies, the bank improved knowledge of digital marketing performance indicators:

  • Customer acquisition cost: 360-degree customer views allowed the bank to gain a full perspective of customer acquisition costs, enabling them significantly reduce those costs.
  • Product engagement conversion rate: Analytics further revealed that 17% of potential customers finish the buying process, empowering the bank to deploy new marketing programs to improve the metrics.
  • Customer lifetime value: Optimizing processes with data and analytics helped the bank notably increase the value of their existing customers.
  • Return on advertising spend: Analytic-fueled insights and improved advertising decision making resulted in a more effective spending strategy.
  • Full-context Net Promoter Score (NPS): Analyzing NPS responses together with other customer experience insights, empowered the bank with more comprehensive views into their customer engagement strategies.

By closely working together, this financial institution and Entelgy are revolutionizing services and delighting customers— all thanks to TIBCO’s leading analytics solution.


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Spanish Financial Services Leader

A leading Spanish financial services provider with annual revenues over € 1 billion needed to improve customer experience using the latest technology available on the market.