Software Distributor

The TIBCO platform lets us connect every piece of data we have on the business and visualize it. We'll definitely need tools like TIBCO to get to a $500 million run rate.

Chief Information Officer

Software distributor deploys TIBCO to support rapid business growth

Scaling to meet the needs of 500 new partners per year

Business Challenge

Four years ago, a rising software distributor saw explosive growth, growing three times in size. The company needed a way to scale its business applications to keep pace with demand.


When the software distributor combined TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, and TIBCO Data Virtualization software, it had everything it needed. Instantly, an integrated view of data from disparate systems became possible.


Clear ROI analysis

Using powerful and actionable Spotfire visualizations, the company can surface information that previously was not accessible. It was able to determine return on investment for everything it had done previously, something that wasn't possible before.

Great usability, great results

With the low-code capabilities available on the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform, what previously took the company eight weeks to code now takes one week.

"The fact that users were able to adapt and learn the product really, really quickly made a difference. The Spotfire platform didn't require any special training for them to build reporting and do all the deep-dive analytics they needed. The TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Live Apps systems make integrations and flow easy," said the CIO.

Increased capacity, faster onboarding

The volume of business transactions that can now be handled increased because the new platform is much faster than the previous one. Partner onboarding is also faster. "The old system was so slow. The new system is lean, mean, clean, and really, really fast, so it makes a heck of a difference," said the CIO.

Less complexity, more capability

"What we liked about the TIBCO platform was that it let us connect to all our data and visualize it using the same tools, platform, and training processes. We can reuse all the skills we have on this one platform."

Self-service and faster time to market

With Live Apps, the company is looking at empowering teams to execute their own programs for managing data flows and extracting reporting information without needing IT, speeding time to market for the entire company.


faster deployment

Software Distributor

For a major software distributor, staying ahead of the competition was crucial. It turned to TIBCO to handle its 300% growth and scale business applications.