Sabre reinvents travel with Sabre Dev Studio.


Sabre reinvents travel with Sabre Dev Studio.


Mashery has been incredibly valuable in our lead up to and launch of Sabre Dev Studio.

Sean Arena
Chief Commercial Officer

Sabre Reinvents Travel with Sabre Dev Studio

Exposes data to a broader ecosystem and onboards new developers quickly and easily

One of the world's largest global distribution systems (GDS) relies on Mashery API Management to expose its data to a broader ecosystem and onboard new developers within and outside the travel industry quickly and easily through its Sabre Dev Studio.

Goals of Program

  • Expand developer engagement to a broader ecosystem within and outside of the travel industry.
  • Create a mobile-friendly developer platform to tap into the more than 27% of online travel bookings coming through mobile devices.
  • Embrace a platform that would allow the company to scale easily with easy-to-use backend and developer tools.


  • Since launching, Sabre Dev Studio has seen more than 1,450 keys registered and 26K+ site visits.
  • Through the API Management layer, Sabre processes 1.5 billion API calls per day and 99+ calls per second.
  • The portal houses hundreds of APIs, both SOAP and REST, with I/O Docs and API Explorer to give developers all the tools they need to be up and running in less than five minutes.

1.5 Billion

API Calls Per Day