Petrobras Configures Custom Visualizations for Faster, Smarter Oil & Gas Analytics

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., known as Petrobras, wanted an easier, reproducible way—without difficult coding—for users to access and visualize well-log data. A SWAT team formed by Petrobras, TIBCO LABS and IesBrazil (TIBCO Partner) worked together to accomplish this mission.


The oil and gas industry is constantly looking for new and improved well-log analytics for characterizing reservoirs. Well logs provide detailed records of the geological formation penetrated by a borehole and are used for a variety of investigations including environmental evaluations, mineral exploration, and liquid extraction (water, petroleum, gas). The data is used by geologists to visualize core sample analytics, by geophysicists to determine subsurface structures, and by engineers to architect the oilfield.

The Petrobras team wanted maximum value from their well log data to increase oil quality and yield. They tried several technologies, such as Python and JsViz (the TIBCO Spotfire community-supported JavaScript visualization framework) to help customize their Spotfire visualizations. However, while these tools led to useful visualizations, both required expert coding and setup, which most end users could not manage.

To optimize operations, Petrobras required five key visualization features: zooming, mapping, highlighting, panning, and marking. There was no pre-existing implementation for well log data analytics, so the company worked with the TIBCO LABS group to create a custom solution to meet all its needs.


The Petrobras team decided the best solution was to create a Spotfire well-log mod with grab-and-go capabilities. With the mod, users no longer have to worry about coding. They simply add the mod to their Spotfire analysis for configurable visualization of well-log measurements and can then immediately start visualizing and exploring data, saving time and money.

Spotfire software enhances interpretation of large datasets with tools like artificial intelligence and clustering methods for performing multi-dimensional analysis on complex data. The power of the software is key to replacing less accurate statistical methods and consolidating tools to reduce software maintenance costs.

With Mods for TIBCO Spotfire, the Petrobras team can create custom visualizations using industry-standard technologies to gain detailed insights into their wells. Once developed, mods are used like any other Spotfire visualization—with drag and drop ease and straightforward configuration, providing faster results for users across the organization.

Most importantly, without having to wait for new software versions to become generally available, the TIBCO LABS group also provides Petrobras with the very latest features of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform. This includes a sandboxed environment where users are free to explore and innovate.


The Petrobras team's new analytics platform allows them to lower costs by speeding reservoir exploration and by improving IT infrastructure by replacing multiple, highly specialized applications with Spotfire analytics; reduce geological risks (like off-shore exploration) by providing the insights needed to explore with data-driven confidence; and integrate with important technologies, such as 3D seismic, core data correlation, geostatic simulation, and others.

Users can now fully visualize well logs within Spotfire analytics, so they can make the right strategic investments and improve oilfield management. Rodrigo Mantovaneli Pessoa, Petrobras data analyst, says, "Our initial results showed we reduced reservoir modeling steps by 80 percent."

The new Spotfire mod will soon be launched via the TIBCO Community and made available for other TIBCO customers to use. Companies will be able to replace multiple specialized applications with the mod and visualize well logs and other data. The new solution benefits Petrobras, and has the potential to revolutionize the way the petroleum industry uses technology and data insights.