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TIBCO has proven the key solution for MDM and process automation. TIBCO's flexibility has really paid off, allowing us to make changes as quickly as needed.

Kshitij Sharma, director digital, Parkland

Parkland Powers Sustainable Growth with Comprehensive Data Management

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Between stakeholders' transparency expectations and regulatory data security requirements, companies face ever-increasing data management challenges. How can they ensure their data is trustable, accurate, easy to manage, secure, and easily accessible?

To sustain its growth, streamline assets, and increase visibility into its large and complex business, Parkland sought the flexibility of TIBCO's AWS-hosted data management solution.


Parkland is an independent supplier and marketer of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator in Canada, the Caribbean, and the US. As a customer-centric organization, it strives to constantly enrich its customer experiences and the offers it generates for them. And to bring these engaging and personalized experiences to life, it's focused on becoming data-driven and technology-led. However, standing in the way was fragmented retail station information stored in multiple systems.


Parkland initiated a digital transformation journey that would include a data and analytics platform to help accelerate personalized offers to customers. It needed a master data foundation, a single, trusted data repository that contained up-to-date information for its close to 1,850 retail gas stations.

Through better data management, it would improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and innovate while it integrated AWS services. It chose TIBCO EBX master data management, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

EBX software helps employees build a single source of trusted and accurate data on each station (address, service offerings, active pumps, hours of operation). TIBCO functionality, combined with AWS security, mitigates data security risks while improving data accuracy. TIBCO's partnership with AWS comes with access to premium professional services to optimize software configuration.

According to Kshitij Sharma, director digital, "Through TIBCO's MDM capabilities—including role-based access control and workflow approval automation—we've set up a governance structure that allows various departments to access and update data and track what changed and why. If someone wants to make changes, those changes must go through our simplified and automated workflows for approval before they are accepted."


The combined power of TIBCO and AWS means the solution is flexible, fast, and offers a wide array of services that work seamlessly together to solve the largest and most complex enterprise data management challenges. Parkland is on track to capture approximately 350 attributes from each location, offering stakeholders a diverse variety of data to better understand the business.

According to Sharma, "TIBCO has proven the key solution for MDM and process automation. TIBCO's flexibility has really paid off, allowing us to make changes as quickly as needed."

As a result of its data management transformation, stakeholders have information for making better business decisions. The centralized MDM system improved data accessibility, workflow automation, and data standards. Delivery times are faster, and most importantly, information is more accurate than before.

Sharma continues, "Using TIBCO EBX software provides us with a very critical, fundamental layer of data that enables the analytics we want for the future."

Moving forward, Parkland plans to integrate more of its systems with TIBCO's master data management capabilities to fully unlock the potential fueling its enterprise.


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Parkland Fuel Corporation

Parkland Fuel Corporation provides trusted fuel brands and convenience store offerings through a network of retail service stations across Canada, the US, and the Caribbean.