O&G Exploration and Production Company

TIBCO tools guided us in reviewing, confirming, and validating that we’re doing the right things, moving the right data, and meeting the right schedule.

Director of Information Management

Oil and Gas Company Establishes a Data-driven Culture

Company-wide analytics adoption, process validation, better reporting

Business Challenge

This company's oil and gas analytics community wanted fast, easy, transparent access to quality data. They also wanted tools they could customize to meet requirements while scaling and adapting operations as the business evolved.


The company leveraged TIBCO Spotfire analytics to allow employees to model and visualize data and build dashboards. It also implemented a new integration architecture based on TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO Messaging software.


Company-wide analytics adoption

The company's employees are now demanding more ways for data to be combined, analyzed, and presented using functions they didn't have before. The Spotfire toolset has been provided to everyone in the business, no matter their function. It's replaced proprietary custom-built business intelligence tools and hundreds of reports.

Process validation

The company's users are pleased with the progress they've made by implementing TIBCO technologies. They've replaced legacy, custom, and proprietary tools and retired over a million lines of custom code. With use of TIBCO BusinessWorks integration, data and processes have become more standardized, and because better processes have been implemented, the company has reduced its data holdings by 80%.

Better reporting, greater efficiency

Users are able to set up their own parameters and are not bound by canned reports anymore. They can look at information, see trends, make decisions, and be more accountable for their data.

"We're using more high-frequency, high-granularity, high-value data. You can make it widely available to influence the way people are moving and operating within their department," said the director.

Data-driven culture

Along with adapting integration and analytic toolsets, the oil and gas company has also worked towards building a data-driven culture.

"Everyone has to take to heart the importance of not compromising data quality, latency, or timing issues," said the director. "Being data-driven covers a wide spectrum. It's people who can and will use data throughout the day and people who need a lot of historical data for context and a lot of detail modeled into scenarios, outlooks, and plans.

80 Percent

reduction in data

O&G Exploration and Production Company

This oil and gas company needed a customizable solution to implement a data-driven culture. It turned to TIBCO Connected Intelligence for easy access to quality data.