TIBCO Data Virtualization software enables our users to access large and useful enterprise data volumes, and reimagine the way that data can be put to use.

Henrique Zacarias, IT central director

NOS Knocks Down Transformation Roadblocks with Accenture and TIBCO


The Portuguese telecom & media company NOS wanted to accelerate its digital transformation to keep up with growing customer demands for personalized experiences and new products. The company wanted to build a digital stack to deliver faster, smarter capabilities, enforce security, improve performance, and implement an event-driven architecture. But, data access stood in the way.

In its then current state, NOS struggled to attain 360-degree customer views. Data was held in legacy data warehouses and multiple applications (Salesforce, SAP, custom applications, and several databases). It sought a data virtualization solution to expose all its critical data, bring it together in data views provided by a single platform for easier access, and manage data as a service (DaaS) to ensure resilience and security with no system isolated and caching optimized.


To embrace its data as a service journey, NOS turned to TIBCO Global Strategic Partner Accenture for its robust understanding of the IT ecosystem and data source integration. Accenture helped NOS drive transformation with the TIBCO Data Virtualization platform.

Nuno Ferreira, associate director at Accenture, states, “Data-driven architectures allow our clients to be more effective in business transformations, giving them competitive advantages. We were very excited to be part of this journey with NOS."

NOS uses the TIBCO solution to provide all its data on demand in a single, logical layer that is governed, secure, and serves all business users. By decoupling backends and digital channels, the platform interacts with a canonical data model, accesses multiple data sources, and exposes data for use.

According to Henrique Zacarias, IT central director, "TIBCO Data Virtualization software enables our users to access large and useful enterprise data volumes, and reimagine the way that data can be put to use."


With TIBCO's data virtualization solution, NOS supports interactive voice response used by its call center 24/7/365. The new data solution increased data performance and resilience through orchestrated data services, centralized metadata control, and advanced query engines. With a complete, canonical view of customers, NOS can reach a deeper level of customer insight and intimacy.

NOS products now reach the market faster (in weeks rather than months), helping the telco keep up with ever-changing customer demands. Customer information is updated quickly, and legacy materialized views are now updated through online event processing, increasing performance. With everyone able to view the data, multiple teams working together brought down operational costs.

Most importantly, by gaining access to historical data in multiple systems, NOS can build 360-degree views of customers and learn about their preferences, past purchases, and more. With needed data at their fingertips, the NOS team can delight customers with the right offering at the right time.

Henrique Zacarias states, “Many data management solutions promise ease of use, fast implementation, and empowered workforces. TIBCO works to overcome challenges even further by building a solution that is easier than ever to implement, which brings our users faster time-to-value."


to market delivery, instead of months


NOS, a leader in Pay TV and broadband, revolutionized data access for more flexible capabilities that drive customer satisfaction.