North American Telecom Provider

When a call is transferred to an agent, the new gateways pops up fully loaded for that customer. A whole suite of functions has been added with deep integration into all the back end systems...It helps the rep service the customer faster, so it's a good experience.


North American Telecom Provider Speeds Customer Service

Business Challenge

Because customer care is crucial for attracting and retaining customers in the telecom industry, this provider wanted all customer interactions and account information provided to its call center agents for each customer service session.


The telecom provider sought a platform that would solve the long data-load wait times, as well as provide instant awareness and predictive analytics. It chose the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform for its unique capabilities.


Faster service, better customer experience

The new version of the telecom’s gateway has streamlined its customer service process, so that when a customer is transferred to an agent, the new gateway comes up fully loaded for that customer. A whole suite of functions has been added with deep integration into all the back-end systems that did not exist in the first version.

Greater call center efficiency

While the first version of the gateway application could only handle 3,400 unique active users per day, the new version handles 5,400 unique users — a 38 percent increase. The provider also loads roughly 100,000 accounts daily.

"Customer service reps can resolve one customer issue, then take the next call just as fast, increasing efficiency," the architect adds.

Complete information

Not only does the new gateway refresh views quickly, but information can also be easily added, supporting great service.

"Reps can ask questions,” says the architect “If a customer interacts with the voice response system, we get data through APIs before the rep gets the call."

Fast time to market with powerful applications

Built on the TIBCO platform, the new gateway can be flexibly updated with powerful new functions. With TIBCO BusinessWorks integration software, with TIBCO BusinessEvents event processing feeding it, the gateway can display six months of billing data and device information including current status. It also provides the ability to reset and re-provision devices and to use automated trouble trees for troubleshooting customer issues. It's an easy and faster way to build applications and high-level functions for more complicated use cases.

"With REST APIs that are revved independently of each other, we can deliver functionality to certain parts of the application without impacting other parts. We can iteratively deliver business functionality with a faster time to market," said the architect.

38 Percent

more active users viewing complete data

North American Telecom Provider

This telecom provider offers television, internet, and other communication services to consumers and businesses in North America. Its dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences is a core principle of its business values.