Money Center Bank

The Client Master project, based on TIBCO Data Virtualization, has delivered in excess of 300% ROI to the business.

Vice President, Data Integration Services

Money Center Bank Achieves Increased ROI and Faster Time-to-market with TIBCO Data Virtualization

2x faster time to market, single view of a client, improved data quality


Historically, the bank's products were managed as separate lines of business (Fixed Income, Equities, Futures and Options, Brokerage), each with its own organization, systems, and services (sales, research, positions management, risk, books and records, clearing, settlements, payments, and reconciliations), and each LOB team controlled distribution of its data. But, with growth in customers, products, and mergers, clients increasingly required product interactions that crossed LOBs.

Data consumers in need of client reference data approached each LOB separately requesting data and then tracking their request through to delivery. "Second-hand" data distribution teams cropped up, taking original copies of data from the systems of record and adding their own information for their own local needs. This practice increased risk and slowed reconciliation, resulting in missed revenue opportunities. Audit problems arose along with data quality issues and very high data integration costs.


The Money Center Bank chose the TIBCO Data Virtualization solution to act as a virtual data mart spanning all LOBs. The approach to data views enabled the bank to efficiently and effectively leverage valuable data scattered throughout the organization. Data from multiple sources was brought together as a logically virtualized source for consumption by nearly any front-end business need, including for portals, reports, applications, searches, and more.

The bank established the Client Master Team to rapidly implement requested customer data access solutions, using TIBCO Data Virtualization commonly published views as a starting point.


Money Center Bank greatly benefited from its new trusted data system. Data views for each consumer's needs were built using high performance caching that provided 24/7 access to large volumes of data. This translated into a 2× improvement in time to market for reference data access projects.

An additional key benefit was the ability to retrieve a single view of customer data from multiple disparate sources. This is possible while preserving complete governance to ensure standardized, consistent, and up-to-date client master data.

Money Center Bank increased ROI by 300 percent, improved data quality by 25 percent, and reduced data distribution costs by 83 percent. With the TIBCO solution, the bank avoided increased costs for infrastructure such as data warehouses, marts, and replication.

Money Center Bank

The bank chose TIBCO® Data Virtualization to act as a virtual data mart spanning all LOBs.