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The biggest advantage to TIBCO Cloud Integration software is the ease of use, and the ease of connecting systems.

Brandon LaFave, Salesforce Developer

Liturgical Publications saves hours each week by connecting and automating

Fast ROI, automated data entry, easy connectivity

Business Challenge

With its operational and business technology outdated, unsupported, and difficult to manage, Liturgical Publications(LPi) needed a flexible, accessible, and quick-to-implement solution to bring its data together from disparate sources.


The company turned to TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Flogo software to bridge the connections between systems and create a completely unified system where data flows across all channels seamlessly.


Ease of connectivity

Salesforce is a key source of valuable customer data, and LPi needed to make sure that other systems could access it. With TIBCO Cloud Integration software, LPi could simply choose connectors for those systems. In addition, process automation enabled by the TIBCO Cloud Integration solution is saving the company tens of hours a week, time it can use to address other challenges and business processes that need attention.

"Our goal was to have a completely unified system where data was flowing across all systems seamlessly,” said LaFave.

Automated data entry

By using the TIBCO solution to automate data entry, update records, and correct data across its systems, LPi is saving even more time.

"The end goal of the integration was not to have to do manual data entry between systems,” said LaFave. “By adopting these technologies that run each individual system or tie them together, we don't have to do manual data entry."

Fast ROI

With no advanced development or coding required, LPi could develop integrations in a short amount of time, which resulted in the software quickly paying for itself.

"TIBCO Cloud Integration software is extremely easy to use. Anyone who can drag and drop and put a puzzle together could manage the platform," said LaFave.

While integration could have taken months, LaFave and his team implemented the integrations needed in one to two weeks. That leaves more time for LPi to spend serving customers and ensuring everyone, from large urban congregations to the smallest community churches, can leverage the best integration technology to help serve parishioners.


development time savings

Liturgical Publications

Liturgical Publications (LPi) needed to connect its disparate systems. It turned to TIBCO Cloud™ Integration and TIBCO® Flogo software to create a completely unified platform.