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TIBCO Cloud Integration software is the data integration platform that allows customers to truly leverage the power of our AI-driven marketing automation platform.

Senior Offering Manager

IT company uses plug-and-play integration for AI-powered marketing automation

Fast ROI and sales-marketing synergy for its customers

Business Challenge

This technology company wanted to provide a standardized, CRM-agnostic, all-encompassing solution so clients could easily and quickly connect to its AI-powered marketing automation platform.


The company chose TIBCO Cloud Integration software to make their marketing automation platform compatible with a broad range of CRM offerings. The company can now bring AI-powered marketing to more users.


Broader use of marketing automation data

The plethora of pre-built TIBCO Cloud Integration connectors allows customers to also take advantage of data in systems throughout their businesses, including SaaS applications.

"One of the most positive benefits of this integration has been the opportunity for our customers to leverage the marketing data generated, that is then pushed to the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform. Once it’s there in one place, it provides endpoints for many types of SaaS applications to access and create more holistic solutions for customers,” said the manager.

Having an integrated data flow between a CRM and the marketing automation system is a huge benefit that "Customers just can't live without," says the offering manager.

Customer sovereignty

With TIBCO Cloud Integration software, customers have an intuitive user interface allowing a wide range of users with varying skill levels to connect end points of all types. They can become proficient and self-sufficient and make data widely available across their organization.

"One thing that is interesting is all the extended capabilities TIBCO Cloud Integration platform has, including an ecosystem of integration connectors. If TIBCO has connectors to software that has nothing to do with ours, the customer can still expand and leverage that potential," said the manager.

Fast ROI and sales-marketing synergy

A huge benefit for the company's customers is the fast ROI from getting the marketing automation system rapidly deployed.

"Customers are realizing the value of fast TIBCO integrations. The solution has really paid for itself,” said the manager.

The company's customers can now also develop more targeted, unified messages across their sales and marketing organizations, and TIBCO was the perfect partner to help the technology company offer that unique selling position.

"While TIBCO takes care of the integration platform, we are happy building and evolving our marketing platform to take customers to the next level."


customer satisfaction and confidence in strong integration selling point

IT company

This IT company chose TIBCO Cloud™ Integration software to integrate its marketing software with CRM solutions and improve the synergy between sales and marketing organizations.