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Our close and cooperative partnership with BUTOS implemented a solution to tackle a complex problem efficiently—and in line with our motto: 'Simple. Clear. Helvetia.'

Giuseppe Fragnelli, head of data trust

Helvetia Insurance Masters Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance with BUTOS and TIBCO


With the rise of new data regulations, such as GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act, companies across Europe need to quickly update their systems to comply. Helvetia Insurance, for instance, needed a centralized solution to orchestrate deletion of personal data across all its applications, a key aspect of the regulations. The insurer wanted to work with a reliable Swiss partner that could offer a pragmatic solution to this complex problem.


Helvetia chose BUTOS, a TIBCO Silver Partner, for its smart.GDPR solution and robust compliance measures. Helvetia liked the partnership it developed with BUTOS, and the two companies worked together to create a solution that met all of Helvetia’s needs. The smart.GDPR solution covered most of the company's requirements right at the start and could be customized with additional functionalities.

smart.GDPR, built on TIBCO software, provides a single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets. The platform solves compliance challenges within a complex enterprise environment—guaranteeing GDPR-compliance with 100 percent traceability. The platform logs configuration adjustments without archiving personal data.

According to Patrik Gallati, project manager, "The systematic and automated deletion of outdated personal data is a key element that underpins one of our most important values: Trust."

With the large number of applications involved, the flexibility and open design of smart.GDPR ensured company-wide implementation in a reasonable timeframe. For more than 40 applications, including master data gathering, target application integration, and the definition of related processes, it took only nine months to integrate, with 5–6 months of support.


With the new data management platform, Helvetia reduced costs and improved data quality—increasing its overall operational excellence and maintaining important compliance. By systematically deleting old data, Helvetia has decreased the effort needed to manage data and application migration.

Applications across the company now use a simple, centralized process to efficiently handle old data. The smart.GDPR solution ensures a safe and coordinated way to simultaneously increase data quality and compliance. A cornerstone of Helvetia’s promise to customers is trust. With smart.GDPR, this promise can be met, and internal and external processes remain transparent.

The smart.GDPR solution has financial benefits, too. It mitigates risk of noncompliance; within the EU, fines of up to four percent of yearly turnover can be levied.

According to Giuseppe Fragnelli, head of data trust at Helvetia, "Our close and cooperative partnership with BUTOS implemented a solution to tackle a complex problem efficiently—and in line with our motto: 'Simple. Clear. Helvetia.'"

With a history spanning more than 160 years, Helvetia's purpose remains the same: enable its customers to seize opportunities and minimize risks. The company’s values of trust, drive, and enthusiasm align deeply with protecting customer data and ensuring compliance. TIBCO’s partnership with BUTOS makes Helvetia’s solution faster and smarter than before—guaranteeing compliance and customer satisfaction in an ever-increasing regulated data landscape.

To learn more about the BUTOS smart.GDPR solution, visit the TIBCO Partner Solution Showcase.


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