Global E-commerce Firm

TIBCO is setting us up for the future with a platform that we can support, that supports us, and that helps us quickly reach our customers' data and other platforms.

Technical Sales Director

Global E-commerce Firm Cashes in with Cloud iPaaS

Scalable integration and the ability to solve new problems

Business Challenge

Depending on APIs to run its e-commerce platform, this firm found that its biggest challenge was finding a way to integrate customers' products. Customers would expect software to work any time and on any device, so the company needed a way to build integrations more sustainably.


The company sought an iPaaS solution that could connect to myriad platforms, including Salesforce. With TIBCO at its foundation, users can map the integration process from beginning to end without building mountains of code.


Scalable integration & increased functionality

The e-commerce firm is now providing clients with more scalable solutions. It is also integrating more functionality, such as quote-to-cash features. The increased capability and scalability have proven the value of TIBCO integration technology.

"Without TIBCO, these integrations would have been very difficult for us to accomplish," the technical sales director said.

The TIBCO Cloud Integration platform enabled the firm to conduct its worldwide business faster and easier than before. With transactions occurring in almost every country, the integration of business systems is crucial for operating at the speed and quality customers expect. Speed helps the company's customers move forward and continue to innovate.

Faster development

Prior to partnering with TIBCO, the company would suffer from analysis paralysis. According to the technical sales director, employees would think about solutions for weeks, often going with a solution that turned out not to be sustainable or scalable. But with TIBCO, integration projects get approved faster, and the company creates and delivers solutions to clients in a matter of weeks, not months. "With TIBCO, we can move with our clients pretty fast and get them online," the sales director explained.

Ability to solve new problems

Adopting TIBCO has given staff the ability to solve problems they never thought were possible, ideas and projects they never considered before became a reality.

"We use TIBCO not only for customers' integrations, but our own code," said the technical sales director. "This definitely has opened our eyes to how we can integrate and move data, how we can solve problems without writing 2,000 lines of code in PHP that somebody has to maintain."


TIBCO is setting the e-commerce firm up for the future by getting data into other platforms quicker. "We already have endpoints and systems that we didn't even think we could integrate before. So that definitely sets us up for a good, flexible future. As our clients grow, we can grow with them."

Months To Weeks

reduced time to market

Global E-commerce Firm

This e-commerce firm provides and optimizes a software as a service, so its customers can focus on their products instead of compliance, tax, and payment details.