Our need was not just pretty dashboards but something that would have brains, too, and could help us dig deeper to analyze trends in our data and meet our future AI requirements.

Vishakha Mujoo, Manager of R&D Information Systems for Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology

Gilead Improves Drug Safety and Supports AI Roadmap with TIBCO Spotfire

Enhanced data exploration with real-time analytics


Digital transformation is a continuous process for Gilead, because in its FDA regulated industry, pharmacological research, development, and manufacturing are continuously changing.

Life Sciences is evolving, with companies investigating drug side effects and safety more thoroughly. To keep up, Gilead needed an analytics platform that would allow deeper data discovery and intuitive data visualizations.

"Our requirement was interactive visualizations that could support exploratory data analysis for a highly regulated environment, and yet meet our futuristic AI pathway and help us embrace open source," said Vishakha Mujoo, manager of R&D information systems.


Several groups within Gilead use TIBCO Spotfire® analytics for use cases from day-to-day operations monitoring to trend analysis, helping everyone better understand their data. The clinical trials group uses it for statistical analysis; the operations team for daily monitoring of live data to uncover issues faster; the submissions team for trend analysis and live monitoring of submissions; and the MSS group for supporting signal detection.

"Spotfire® analytics is helping integrate various groups, connecting the dots, and making sure we are able to standardize our processes across various functional groups," said Mujoo.


The Right Drug, in the Right Time

Using the Spotfire solution to identify outliers and patterns in complex, disparate data sources, Gilead enabled early detection of unexpected drug safety problems. With this increased oversight, also came increased confidence and time savings for the business teams.

Mujoo commented, "One submission team manager told me 'Before, I was not able to sleep, thinking I may have missed something, but now I have my sleep back. And each of my team members is able to save one hour every day.'"

Visibility and Data Exploration for Everyone

With widespread adoption of Spotfire analytics, all teams are collaborating and finding similarities in common data. Exploratory data analysis and working with data becomes fast and easy for everyone. "Everybody is looking at a different view of the same data, like a Rubik's cube, bringing them closer and helping them to collaborate," said Mujoo. "We're able to refresh the data and see live data as and when it happens. That’s something that delights users."

Mujoo's team uses Spotfire analytics for real-time analysis of case data, tracking changes and updates quickly and easily. "I see Spotfire analytics as something that is integrating our department,” said Mujoo. "The KPI chart is quite popular because it creates a nice dashboard for trends, and then users can drill down for more details. Under the hood may be multiple data sources, but for end users, it is single source of information."

With IronPython script, Gilead also has the ability to automate and customize dashboards to meet groups' needs in a simple and efficient way.

Analytics on Analytics

"We never had any kind of dashboard to measure resource productivity, but with Spotfire analytics, we have the ability to get quantitative attributes like number of submissions or cases processed by a group or user. We can even view workload peak months or weeks," said Mujoo. By creating a dashboard, the team can see day-to-day operational data and compare it to historical trends. If a case stays longer than usual in a particular workflow, it can pointed out as an outlier, and the group or user responsible can identify the root cause.


Gilead's goals include automation, artificial intelligence, and accelerated use of the Spotfire solution. "We are looking forward to TIBCO® Data Virtualization to add more data sources. We are also looking at adding machine learning and AI capabilities to increase use of Spotfire analytics in other groups," said Mujoo.

1,500 Percent

Increase in report usage, supporting broader organizational intelligence


In the regulated biopharmaceutical industry, Gilead approaches digital transformation as a continuous, evolving process, one that needs an analytics platform to provide deeper data discovery, intuitive data visualizations, trend analysis—and helps everyone better understand their data.