Thanks to TIBCO, we are always several steps ahead of the business requirements. When they request a service or an integration, because of the great reusability we have, we can very quickly report that it is ready to be tested, always leaving everyone surprised by the great capacity of our team and architecture.

Eduard Ponce, Architecture Coordinator

Desigual designs unlimited shopping experiences

Empowers retail staff, provides more personal customer experiences

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Creating an Unlimited Shopping Experience

To empower consumers to express themselves through beautiful, bold, vibrant clothing, Desigual wanted to leverage the latest technology. The company needed a single vision of its customers, product catalog, and stock, to eliminate pain points, improve customer relationships, and inject surprise and intrigue into the shopping experience.

"We wanted to have any product available at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We wanted to provide easy access to our products, unlock our full line to clients, and deliver it as they want," says Eduard Ponce, architecture coordinator.

Desigual also wanted to increase its geographic locations, extend services to third parties, and expand digital channel capabilities. Standing in the way was an extremely complex technical environment in which new systems and platforms were constantly being added to fulfill business needs. The company's point-to-point architecture was preventing it from achieving a 360-degree view of stock and customers.


The Right Product, at the Right Place, at the Right Time

Desigual turned to TIBCO. "With TIBCO, we had the opportunity to rethink and change our architecture, and it has taken us to new heights," said Mr. Ponce. The IT team created DSOUL, an innovative application that enables staff to check all catalogs and see customers' purchase history in a single view.

"In just the first three months of having TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition, we deployed more than 10 swarm stacks for project needs, which demonstrates not only the potential it offered, but ease of use and our real need for it. We now have the capacity to take on a large number of calls without impacting the service. At peak times, we can change configuration or duplicate containers and provide service in a quick and agile manner."

"With TIBCO, we empower the staff to be nearer to the customer so they can create a great shopping experience. With TIBCO BusinessWorks, we have managed to offer available stock in real time on all our direct sales channels. With a simple set of rules, we orchestrate to keep many systems updated in real time, like product stock and customer information, both critical for our business. Now, all of our stock and customer information is in one system for easy accessibility by the staff."


Faster Answers for Faster Decision-Making

Desigual's digital platforms are now able to handle large volumes of requests (like on a Black Friday). "TIBCO moves the information between our WMS and the automated warehouse robot giving super-fast answers for decision-making."

TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition helped give Desigual a scalable infrastructure, flexible deployment, and an easier continuous integration/continuous deployment model.

New Upselling Opportunities

With TIBCO's help, Desigual introduced creative new ways of upselling. The first is an assisted shopping program that makes suggestions to staff of items to recommend based on the customer's preferences and shopping history. The second is the Smart Fitting Room application that uses RFID to detect the article of clothing the customer has taken into the fitting room, displays on a screen which sizes and colors are available in store, and alerts the staff so they can bring another size into the fitting room at the right time.

Innovations Leading to Increased Sales

Desigual's innovations are having a real impact on the business. "So far, in 2018, almost 2% of our sales in store in our four main European markets has been thanks to TIBCO and our staff."


For Desigual, IT is no longer just a service, it is a business enabler. Now business and IT work more closely than ever. With TIBCO's help, this clothing company has buttoned up its systems and enabled staff to more personally cater to customers on every channel—and Desigual customers can more readily express themselves through their clothing.


Shopping experience, regardless of channel


One of today's most popular Spanish clothing brands, Desigual needed a single view of its customers, catalog, and stock to meet its goals for service and innovation.