We are very grateful for the Trailblazer Award that we received. It is a recognition of how we've applied industry-leading technology to our particular market, and it's helped us become more agile and bring new business value to the market more quickly.

Noël Jelsma, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at CyberLogitec

CyberLogitec Sets Sail with TIBCO Streaming

An IoT platform with increased stability and expanded functionality


Ninety-one percent of CyberLogitec's shipping terminals still used manual operations, such as closed-circuit TV and radio-controlled monitoring. The terminals wanted to gain more insight into the location and movement of their equipment. Implementing an IoT solution would connect edge devices, including those that collect readings from trucks and cranes, such as fuel, speed, engine temperature, and movement. The company also wanted to improve its user experience and make data more understandable. And because of competitive pressures, it needed fast implementation of its new IoT solution.

"We needed to implement smart operations with a new architecture to satisfy growing customer requirements," said Phil Kang, team manager of terminal automation.


The company turned to TIBCO Streaming software for workflow programming and processing of streaming data from around the world. It now has full visibility on its data from all terminals in real time, including equipment status and operational conditions.


Faster Delivery Time

With TIBCO Streaming software, CyberLogitec is able to respond more rapidly to the changes caused by external pressures and internal consolidation. The company can now be more proactive and deliver innovation more promptly than ever before.

"The logistics industry has tight margins and short deadlines, so you need to be able to prove that you can deliver solutions in a most effective way. TIBCO has really helped us do that."

Expanded Functionality

Before, developers could only concentrate on solving problems, often by developing homegrown solutions. When customers wanted to customize data views, the work took up to ten months on average. Now, developers can set up an entire solution in two months, and offer more options, in both infrastructure and functionality.

"The two-month development period is a miracle," said Kang. For instance, CyberLogitec's "Smart Port" brings all types of data—from devices, third-parties, and stakeholders—into a specialized data storage system for analysis. This big data can then be analyzed in real time to make faster, better decisions.

Faster, Better Decision-Making

With TIBCO Streaming software, CyberLogitec developers and business consultants understand how all their tools work together, enabling faster, better decision-making. They've created products based on the TIBCO Streaming solution and TIBCO ActiveSpaces in-memory grid. One example is Eagle Eye that connects all applicable IoT devices on a single platform and enables decision support for operators based on KPIs for tracking, monitoring, and other parameters.

"TIBCO is enabling our customers to move more quickly and express requirements and demands for change because of the agility we’ve gained,” said Jelma. "We're able to address those requirements and deliver on them more quickly. Our responsiveness is reflected in the happiness of our customers."


CyberLogitec intends to adopt machine learning and real-time analysis on its platform to enable predictive maintenance for terminal equipment. The company is also looking at implementing the TIBCO Flogo integration engine to handle IoT device signals for faster edge computing in the cloud.

Trailblazer Award Winner 2019

60% Reduction

in delivery time; 2-month deployment time


With branches all over the world, CyberLogitec runs a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week maritime logistics business for its global customers.