The trusted citizens master data platform enables the CAK to be agile in implementing new regulations.

Robin Horstkamp, manager of the project management organization

The CAK Uses a Trusted Citizens Master Data Platform in New Digitalization Program


As a governmental organization that implements specific healthcare regulations, the CAK required a trusted master data platform to better interact with the citizens of Holland and other governmental agencies.

The CAK implements regulations on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and translates the legislation and regulations into comprehensible and accessible information. It is responsible for awarding support and invoicing, which creates massive amounts of data. To service its customers, the CAK relies on data from external data suppliers. The lack of consistent and correct data could potentially lead to incorrect decision-making, which the organization wants to avoid at all times. Additionally, new regulations drove the CAK to seek IT simplification and agility.


The organization chose TIBCO's master data management (MDM) solutions because of its agile project approach and expertise in data quality. Via an integration layer, TIBCO solutions invoke data quality rules for data delivered by external and internal data suppliers.

The TIBCO OmniGen MDM platform creates a master citizen record from all data sources and makes decisions based on CAK rulings.


The CAK's new data solution guarantees a more agile IT landscape, and future regulations will be able to use the same solution architecture. With the new solution, the CAK achieves faster application decisions, better customer experiences, and reduced application errors.

According to Robin Horstkamp, manager of the project management organization at the CAK, "The trusted citizens master data platform enables the CAK to be agile in implementing new regulations."

TIBCO's master data management solutions enable the CAK to better serve citizens with uniform and reliable information—and a higher quality of service at lower implementation costs. Employees can increase their productivity by automating tasks and derive higher quality data insights from higher quality data. The solution reduces manual work for employees while also giving customers a better experience with fewer corrections needed.

Most importantly, with an increase in automation and a decrease in administrative workload, there is less downtime, improved data quality, and reduced objections and calls. With TIBCO's help, the CAK can streamline data workflows all while making the Dutch healthcare system more affordable.


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Located in the Netherlands, the CAK implements healthcare regulations and services for the people of Holland on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport.