With TIBCO solutions and high availability architecture, we are far more confident in our integrations of various pharmaceutical data flows.

David Boens, API & ESB lead architect

Boiron Drives Efficiency in Global Homeopathic Care

In recent years, Boiron, a global leader in homeopathic medicine, dramatically increased its international sales. But that growth was accompanied by an increasingly complex ecosystem of business exchanges, processes, and regulation. The company wanted to aggregate its product orders into a central hub, manage government regulations with ease, and quickly archive pharmaceutical documents. It chose TIBCO's flexible and resilient solutions for meeting its current and future challenges.


With its millions of international customers, Boiron had to meet each country's regulations for data protection and product safety. For example, to combat product counterfeiting in Russia, Boiron's Russian distribution subsidiary needs to purchase unique identification numbers from the government authority and print a number on each box. Individual boxes and pallets are tracked by government officials and Boiron, and information flowing between the two is voluminous and complex. Boiron's legacy system could not transmit the messages in full.

In addition, the company wanted to centralize its customer orders using Cegedim healthcare software, as well as quickly archive thousands of pharmaceutical documents in a way that ensured easy accessibility and fast update processes.

These requirements meant that implementing a comprehensive integration platform—with high performance, high availability, and ease of development—was critical. The company's legacy systems no longer met its needs.


To meet its challenges, Boiron embarked on a multi-step migration to TIBCO, which today covers more than 250 inter-application flows. Boiron developed new integrations for order management, document archiving, and serial tracking for the Russian market. Its next project will link processes to master data managed by the TIBCO EBX MDM platform.

Within 18 months, TIBCO BusinessWorks software was deployed throughout production, order management, and document archiving. The company's TIBCO solution interconnects Cegedim, OpenText, Salesforce, Sage X3, JDEdwards, Microsoft Azure, and other applications used for daily business. Its TIBCO platform supports developing new workflows quickly, guarantees uptime in case of an outage, and enables developers to focus on innovative projects to propel the business forward.


After switching to TIBCO BusinessWorks software, Boiron accelerated, simplified, and accurately tracked its business processes. Its agile and capable TIBCO solutions allow managing large data volumes and messages with ease, including tens of thousands of new product orders daily.

With TIBCO, updates to archiving processes now take three days of development time, compared to 20 days with previous systems. Additionally, performance increased from 500 documents uploaded in OpenText per minute to 1,250, an increase of 150 percent.

Tracking and compliance for the Russian government is now easier than ever. With TIBCO, all serial number acquisitions, manufacturing declarations, and batch shipments are orchestrated between the Russian computer system and Boiron's new data architecture, a complex process seemingly impossible before.

According to David Boens, Boiron API & ESB lead architect, "With TIBCO solutions and high availability architecture, we are far more confident in our integrations of various pharmaceutical data flows."

In the future, Boiron plans to add more TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions throughout its business for better master data management, integration of new warehouse IoT sensor data, and factory process automation. With the goal of providing the medicine of the future, Boiron's digital transformation journey with TIBCO will help ensure safer, higher quality homeopathic products for the global market of eager customers.


Faster document archiving


Boiron provides an award-winning range of homeopathic products to 300 million customers through resellers and subsidiaries in 50 countries.