TIBCO Lighthouse Awards

The TIBCO Lighthouse Awards recognize enterprises and individual innovators that leverage technology in revolutionary and enterprising ways, transforming IT into a strategic differentiator and fueling business growth, operational excellence, and outstanding customer experiences.

Award recipients are recognized for accomplishing tangible and substantial business results using TIBCO technologies, demonstrating ingenuity and thought leadership in meeting the demands of the digital economy, and exemplifying the impact of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform.

Award Categories

Everyone. Everywhere. Award

Everyone. Everywhere. Award

This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated multiple iterations of innovation success. As technology and business needs evolve, recipients of this award repeatedly raise the bar by addressing and mastering new challenges to continuously lead.

TIBCO Customer Social Impact Award

Social Impact Award

Through creative and impactful use of data, this award recognizes organizations that make meaningful contributions to seemingly daunting societal challenges. Recipients show the high degree of impact that social innovation can have and how use of data-centric tools, resources, and skills can achieve amazing results.

TIBCO Customer - Customer Intimacy Award

Customer Intimacy Award

Customer-centric organizations are successful because they place customer experience at the core of their business design. Winners of this award deliver intimate customer experiences by leveraging data-driven insights and delivering compelling customer journeys.

TIBCO Customer Operational Excellence Award

Operational Excellence Award

The ability to connect systems, control data, and leverage insights is key to achieving operational excellence. Based on efficient investment and resource utilization, this award recognizes finely tuned business operations that are disrupting business-as-usual and achieving greater profitability.

TIBCO Customer Business Reinvention Award

Business Reinvention Award

Reinvention requires creative use of data and implementation of new business strategies. This award goes to a company that has proven its ability to identify new lines of business, channels of engagement, and customer segments.

TIBCO Customer Visionary Award

Visionary Award

Data centricity may be the means, but great leaders provide the inspiration for organizational change. This award recognizes a distinctive business leader who has built a revolutionary data-centric program while guiding teams to outstanding achievement through vision, inspiration, creativity, and commitment.

TIBCO Customer - TIBCO Legend Award

TIBCO Legend Award

At TIBCO, our users and advocates mean the world to us. This person has gone above and beyond to provide great, in-depth feedback and willingness to innovate and be bold with us. This is a true partner, who without, we wouldn't be where we are today!

Benefits of Winning a Lighthouse Award

Broader awareness in technology

Awareness in Tech

Your achievements will be promoted within the technology industry via an awards ceremony at TIBCO NOW, a press release announcing your award win, social media engagement, and opportunities to share your story with technology reporters globally.

Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction

TIBCO will showcase the significant, leading-edge business transformation you've achieved. Leverage this to attract and retain high-quality talent.

Build your brand as a thought leader

Thought Leadership

Build the brand of your senior leaders as industry luminaries and receive global press coverage through featured interviews and other articles on your award win.

Elite customer

Become ELITE

As an ELITE TIBCO reference customer, you will collaborate with peers across industries on use of technology for business transformation, share your IT innovations with CIOs and leaders globally, and achieve visibility for advancing your goals.