Automotive Manufacturer

Spotfire analytics provides valuable solutions for the business user because it is the first solution that gives autonomy, reactivity, and agility. When people move to other projects, the capacity is there.

BI Architect at Automotive Manufacturer

Automotive Giant Turns to TIBCO for Autonomous Visual Analytics

This industry-leading automotive alliance has been making cars for decades. It ranks as one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, and has a presence in over 100 countries.

Seeking to empower business functions across the enterprise to self-serve insights from disparate data sources, the company turned to TIBCO Spotfire analytics to provide a responsive, agile, and autonomous visual analytics platform, along with a cloud-based infrastructure to its business users.


Prior to Spotfire analytics, the company needed more insight and agility than traditional business intelligence solutions provided. Data was extracted and put into Excel, where users could alter it, resulting in inefficient, inconsistent data.

Additionally, the company needed a solution deployed in the cloud for lower cost and easy scalability. A cloud-based infrastructure would provide greater flexibility, improved collaboration, and integrated analytics.


Today, with TIBCO Spotfire analytics, everyone in the organization has access to consistent and trusted data; additionally, dashboards can easily be created and shared. The automotive manufacturer provides many services with the Spotfire platform, offering a dual experience, one for the analyst, one for the consumer.

Spotfire analytics allows users to create these dashboards themselves. Over 160 Spotfire applications are used throughout the business.

"Spotfire analytics provides valuable solutions for the business user because it is the first solution that gives autonomy, reactivity, and agility,” said a BI architect. "When people move to other projects, the capacity is there.

Spotfire software helps control the organization’s data quality, in addition to providing richer user capabilities, higher security, and cost-efficiency. Because the Spotfire platform is also offered on the cloud, users can efficiently collaborate without losing any data. As a result, the manufacturer has implemented Spotfire software in all of its departments: marketing, supply chain, finance, engineering, sales, manufacturing, and more. Over the last four years, the number of users doubled year over year, for a total of 25,000 users, 70 percent of which are business analysts.


With anyone able to create and deploy dashboards, employees no longer need to wait months for IT to deliver a complete solution. Users across various business lines are now empowered to self-serve and develop their own business applications within days—free of IT bottlenecks—to explore their own proof of concept projects and accelerate speed to insight.

Spotfire analytics also provides a time-saving solution. Instead of manual, multi-step ETL workflows, employees can prepare and transform data all in the Spotfire analytics platform, resulting in 25 percent time savings.

25 Percent

Workflow time saved, from months to days

Automotive Manufacturer

An automotive alliance used Spotfire analytics to provide a reactive, agile, and self-service visual analytics platform for its business users.