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TIBCO doesn't try to be all things to all people. It lets you pick what works for you. It means you've got fit-for-purpose solutions alongside best of breed, and that is invaluable. I've got a really sustainable model, and that to me is something that the other leaders in the Gartner Quadrant for integration cannot give me.

Integration and Development Manager

Large Asia-Pacific Credit Union Banks on TIBCO Integration

More sustainable foundation, faster time to market, lower costs

Business Challenge

Satisfy consumer demands by improving the customer experience, including expanded access to banking services through digital channels.


The credit union used TIBCO's integration solution to migrate from old to modern architecture, choosing TIBCO BusinessWorks software to streamline connectivity, TIBCO Messaging software for overall messaging needs, and TIBCO Hawk software to monitor and manage distributed applications.


Sustainable foundation

The credit union looked at a wide range of integration platforms and found TIBCO to provide a fit-for-purpose, tried and tested integration solution. This stable foundation has given the firm the ability to build about 300 supporting services, including a new mobile banking platform.

"One of the key consumers of our integration capabilities is our new mobile banking platform. We expect to see roughly seven million transactions a day come through," said the manager.

Faster time to market

Its loan origination program was a massive piece of work, but in two weeks' time, the team built out the same services that had taken three months with the legacy platform. They were able to implement the platform and build services at the same time, all with a small team. The agility allowed them to take on more than 20 integration projects.

"You've got a lot of systems, and different applications that strongly align with the core banking system. And for us, having rock-solid integration is the key to achieving such a tangible result."

“Integration has always been an example of what's worked really well, even when projects have gotten into trouble and missed deadlines, it's never been an integration issue, which is significant because integration is complex and integration with core banking is even more complex. I think it's the value of relationships and having good foundations and those expert skills on board that's made all the difference."

Easier builds at less cost and time

"The goal of any integration platform is to avoid building new services and instead reuse them, especially around core banking. There will be some new ones, and to build them now is easy. It's a cookie-cutter implementation, so your implementation costs and time come down."

2 VS 12

time savings in weeks to build the same set of services with TIBCO

Asia-Pacific Credit Union

This large credit union provides financial services to members across the Asia-Pacific region.