Alternative Financial Asset Company

We can provide our customers their cash and financial position faster than any other competitor—and that's highly valued in the fund administration business.

Vice President of Business Process Management and Intelligent Automation

Alternative financial asset company delivers more with less and faster thanks to business process automation

Digital transformation, competitive advantage, ability to scale at no additional cost

Business Challenge

To increase productivity, improve quality, and better serve customers, this alternative financial asset company needed real-time transparency into business processes across its global workforce. It also needed to ensure that service level agreements were being met.


With TIBCO integration and TIBCO BPM software, the company implemented intelligent task assignment by identifying eligible workers around the world based on skill set.


Ability to scale with no additional cost

"The top three outcomes we gained from our TIBCO project were efficiency, transparency, and agility," says the vice president of business process management and intelligence process automation. The company now has a complete view into how its workforce is being utilized and can fix any inefficiencies.

"We can take a look at our business processes now that we have full end-to-end and cross-functional transparency, see bottlenecks, and then deploy process improvement and process re-engineering so we can continue to innovate," he said.

These benefits have allowed this company to redirect efforts into higher value activities and scale the business with no additional cost. “TIBCO enables us to put fewer resources into our technology and infrastructure and gives us the ability to expand our services and scale efficiently.

"Quality and timeliness are the top two priorities in our digital transformation, and we are making both of them visible to our customers. Whenever they ask us, 'How did you accomplish this?' We look to TIBCO solutions. TIBCO sets us apart from our competitors."

Competitive advantage

The main driver behind advancements in technology was the need for independent administrators to adapt to increasing regulations. With a geographically dispersed workforce, this can be challenging.

"Because of TIBCO, we can give our customers their financial position, their cash position, faster than any other company, and that's something that's highly valued in the hedge fund and alternative asset management industry," said the vice president.

Digital transformation

Cloud plays a critical role in the company's digital transformation strategy. "We strongly believe that the cloud is not a place where you store stuff. It's fundamentally how you do stuff."

Cloud has been a game changer, supporting the alternative financial asset company's agile transition to greater speed and adaptability. The company can implement smaller chunks of work and turn them out faster.

12 Percent

workforce capacity freed for offshore back-office tasks

Alternative Financial Asset Company

With over 50 years’ experience and locations around the globe, this alternative financial asset company provides clients with a wide range of financial services.