TIBCO Scribe Insight

Use the TIBCO Scribe® Insight connector to integrate data using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) messages between TIBCO Scribe® Insight and the Connect capability of TIBCO Cloud Integration (powered by TIBCO Scribe® Online).

The TIBCO Scribe Insight Connector includes support for:

  • Automatic metadata generation based on an associated TIBCO Scribe® Online connection
    * Generation of .xsd schema for MSMQ message

You can use the TIBCO Scribe® Insight Connector to:

  • Transfer data between TIBCO Scribe® Online and TIBCO Scribe® Insight’s queue-based integrations via Microsoft Message Queue.
    *Utilize TIBCO Scribe® Insight's advanced features, such as step control, in conjunction with TIBCO Scribe® Online.

Connector Documentation: