TIBCO eFTL™ extends TIBCO FTL® messaging to platforms such as web browsers and mobile devices. TIBCO eFTL software features high scalability at human-scale performance: that is, throughput and latency adequate for cell phones and browsers.

This connector provides a way for external applications to connect to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging service. It uses a publish and subscribe model for real-time messaging between applications. Your clients can publish messages with any content, and the subscribing clients receive only those messages whose content matches with the subscribing client's interests.


TIBCO Cloud™ Integration - Integrate

Use the eFTL publisher activity to publish or send messages to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging service. Use the eFTL Subscription activity to listen and receive messages published on the TIBCO Cloud Messaging service. A subscriber uses a content matcher to express interest in the subset of messages to receive.